Restoration City Church


Year End Letter

November 21, 2018

Dear Restoration City Church,

As we approach the end of, not only the calendar year, but also our Unlocking Generosity sermon series, I want to say thank you for being a part of everything God is doing through this church. By His grace, our Sunday morning attendance has increased by 10% this year.  In addition to that overall growth, there are many other signs of God’s activity through our church.  Nearly 40 young adults just got back from our first ever retreat, the English Language Learner classes we teach in partnership with Casa Chirilagua all have waiting lists, and we currently have 10 Community Groups meeting throughout the city every week.  The Lord is also doing something incredible through RCCKids, which has more than doubled since this time last year.

In light of all God is doing through Restoration City and in anticipation of all He is going to do in 2019, I’m asking you to prayerfully consider two requests that will serve as the culmination of our Unlocking Generosity sermon series: (1) an annual giving commitment for 2019 and (2) a one time, year-end donation to Restoration City.  The annual giving commitment is less about formulating the church’s budget and more about our individual discipleship to Jesus.  James tells us to be, “doers of the word, and not hearers only.”  In other words, we don’t want to just talk about generosity, we want to be generous people.  An annual giving commitment becomes a significant part of that process when we allow it to be a catalyst towards prayerfully considering what Jesus is leading us to give in the coming year.  My simple request is that you take time to ask the Lord what He’s leading you to give to Restoration City in the coming year and then complete a 2019 giving commitment before December 31st.  You can make your commitment online HERE or by using cards we’ll have available at Restoration City every Sunday in December.  Once we receive your commitment, we’ll follow up with you to set up a recurring donation or to modify your current recurring donation, if needed.

If the annual giving commitment is about your discipleship, the year end donation is about our collective vision as a church. We want to use this offering in three different ways.  One, we have some internal needs that were not addressed in our current budget (i.e. replacing some production equipment, purchasing a video camera to record sermons for the website, more supplies for RCCKids, etc…).  Two, we want to be able to make additional donations to our external partners (our missionaries serving in Sinaloa, Mexico; our ELL classes with Casa and others) in December to bless and encourage them.  And, finally, we want to begin preparing ourselves for all of the changes Amazon’s HQ2 is going to bring to our neighborhood.  God has providentially led us to a location where we will be at the epicenter of the changes HQ2 will bring to our region.  We want to have the resources to reach and serve the thousands of people who will soon be calling South Arlington home. You can make your one-time donation through our brand new Restoration City app or online HERE.

The phrase, “the best is yet to come” has become an increasingly popular way of expressing the hope we have as Christ followers in the ultimate restoration of all things.  I also believe it’s true for us as a church as we walk into 2019 together. There’s so much ahead of us as we seek to bless our neighborhood, to disciple the next generation, and to proclaim the hope we have in Jesus. It’s your generosity that makes all of that possible so, please, take time to ask the Lord how He is leading you to respond to both of these requests.

I hope you know how grateful I am for you, for your commitment to Restoration City, and for all you do to advance the Kingdom of God here in Washington, DC.

Merry Christmas!