Restoration City Church



Below is a recap of our latest Town Hall meeting that occurred on June 23, 2020.


  • Financial Update – We continue to be in a strong position financially through the end of May which continues to allow us to generous to those in need within our church, Casa Chirilagua, and Gunston MS communities.  We’ve also been able to give an unbudgeted $3,000 a month to Casa Chirilagua to provide groceries to 60 families every other week.
  • If you need benevolence support please let us know by filling out the form at
  • Our Sunday, June 27 online gathering will be a panel conversation on Race, Justice, and Diversity.
  • We will be transitioning our Prayer Nights to a once a month in-person gathering as we become more comfortable with in-person gatherings.
  • Community Groups will continue to meet until the week of July 26 and will have the option to be meeting in person or virtually, depending on the needs and preferences of group members.
  • Heather Ross is transitioning off our staff team to focus on her family and we are working with Belay to try a virtual communications assistant to backfill her role on a month to month basis.  We are still moving forward with our plans to hire a full-time worship leader.


  • What We Know
    • We will resume in person gatherings on Sunday, July 12th at 10am.
    • You will not need to make reservations since we think we will have enough space for everyone who wants to be there.
    • We are going to usher you to your seats in a configuration that allows for social distancing. Come early to help us seat people.
    • We are going to ask you to wear a mask.
    • We are going to limit our gathering to one hour.
    • The lobby will be very bare-bones with no coffee.
    • We are obviously going to ask that you not attend if you have a fever.
    • We will not be offering RCCKids programming, although you can bring your kids into the gathering if you want.
    •  We will also maintain the online option since we know that not everyone is ready to come back.
  • What We Don’t Know
    • We are not exactly sure where we are meeting on July 12th, but we will have access to the Synetic Theater on July 12th and for the foreseeable future. That would be a temporary solution for the short-term.
      • We are still in regular contact with Arlington County Schools and are waiting for an answer about Gunston.
      • Stay connected to us through our church App, Social Media, and Weekly Email to stay up to date over the summer.
      • Adam Ricketts is leading a team that is actively looking for other venue options for the church
    • We are not sure the timeline for resuming RCC Kids
      • That decision will be based on the overall comfort level of our families and our venue.
      • We will take a phased approach to reopen RCC Kids, starting with a limited form of childcare to enable parents to attend the gathering and then will start to add in classrooms.
    • If/when we will need to move to 2 gatherings.
    • Our specific plan to move to a Livestream. The online gathering for the 12th will be pre-recorded like we’ve been doing and then we will start to shift to a Livestream version as our venue and media team allow.
  • How We’re Thinking About This
    • Things will start to change for us on a week to week basis. We’re going to take a step and see how it goes.
    • We see this time as replanting our church rather than an unpausing from the spring.
      • This is not us starting over or rethinking our mission, our calling, or even our overall strategy, but we are trying to figure out how to pursue all of that in a very different environment in a COVID-19 era.
      • We need your help to lead and support our ministries including:
        • CG Leaders and Hosts
        • Connect Team
        • RCC Kids Room Leaders and Volunteers
        • RCC Media Team (camera operators, Slides, Graphics)
        • Outreach
        • Express Interest at

Our next Town Hall Meeting will be on Tuesday, July 21 at 8 pm.

If you have any questions please email [email protected]