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RCC Kids

We hope to begin offering this ministry again as soon as possible!

Sunday Mornings:

At RCC Kids, we want to partner with the parents and families in the discipleship of their children. Each weekend, we seek to engage our kids with the Gospel in a fun and age-appropriate way for infants through elementary school!

If you are interested in serving in our children’s ministry, please fill out the following interest form.

RCC Kids Volunteer Form

Child Dedications:

We love celebrating a family’s desire to have their child become a follower of Jesus. At the same time, we believe each child will ultimately need to make that decision for themselves and then be baptized. For that reason, we don’t baptize infants. But we do celebrate Child Dedications/Parent Commissionings as a church.

If you’re interested in taking this step as a family, please fill out the form below.

Child Dedication Form


Bible Stories:
Books for Discipleship:

RCC Kids follows the below three phase Family Plan that is informed by and implemented through Lifeway’s Levels of Biblical Learning and The Gospel Project Curriculum.

Family Plans:

Phase 1: Nursery (Ages 0-2)

Goal: To help parents embrace their role as the primary discipler of their kids. To help kids experience the love of Christ in a safe environment that fosters spiritual growth at home.
Events/Programs: RCC Kids
Milestone Event: Child Dedications, the celebration of the parents’ commitment to disciple their children to love Christ!

Phase 2: Preschool (Ages 3-5)

Goal: To engage kids with the beauty of Christ by introducing themes of the gospel through Scripture. To engage parents with the pursuit of a family worship time at home.
Events/Programs: RCC Kids Preschool, Baptism

Phase 3: Elementary (Grades K-4)

Goal: To provide avenues for kids to see the whole story of God in Scripture, especially through Bible knowledge and memorization. To provide outlets for parents to disciple their kids in the in the fruit of the gospel.
Events/Programs: RCC Kids Elementary, Baptism