Restoration City Church


2021 Women’s Conference + Outdoor Social

Unpack the realities of new life in Christ.

We’re excited to announce a new Women’s Ministry opportunity!  Join us starting March 12 for the Summit Church annual Women’s Conference, available both virtually and in-person!  The conference will include teaching from John 15 and Colossians 3, unpacking the realities of our new life in Christ and the joys of abiding in him.

Online access is available from March 12-26 and participants can watch programs on their own time and at their own pace. You may join individually from the comfort of home, or feel free to gather with other women from RCC and enjoy the experience together.  Either way, we hope you’ll join us for this awesome conference!  Registration ends March 5th so click below to sign up!

Conference Registration: $10

Following the conference, a Women’s Outdoor Social will be held on Saturday, March 27th for a time of fellowship and encouragement.  A packaged meal will be provided, so be sure to bring your own chair or picnic blanket!

Outdoor Social Registration: FREE!




Conference Details

Host: Jada Edwards

Jada Edwards is a Bible teacher and discipler. She has committed her life to equipping women of all ages, at all stages, with practical, biblical truth to help them live authentic and transparent lives. Jada has always had a passion for ministry and sharing God’s Word and has also served in various directional capacities within the local church as well as with numerous non-profit organizations.


Breakout Session Topics:

Cultivating Multiethnic Relationships

Speaker: Yana Conner

Multiethnic relationships are the building blocks to becoming a multiethnic church and cross-cultural ministry. But, how do we do it without hurting others or becoming a token? Join this breakout session for a conversation on how to cultivate multiethnic relationships with a faith-filled heart.

Sexual Sin and the Power to Move Forward

Speakers: Lori Frances and Jessica Gravelle

For those who are in Christ, our sexual past and purity struggles do not define us. Christ offers us forgiveness, freedom, and redemption as we rest in our new identity in him. But it doesn’t stop there! Whether we are single or married, the love of Christ then compels us to move forward in obedience as our old affections are replaced by a new and greater affection—Christ himself!


Hidden with Christ

Speaker: Betsy Divers

Discovering our true identity, enveloped in the intimacy and security we find with Christ, in God.

Abiding in the Storms of Life

Speaker: Ashley Reffit

The storms of life will come—they are inevitable as we live in a broken world. For each person this might look different, but Christ tells his followers to abide in him, even as the storms rage. Together, we’ll make practical application of God’s Word in our trials as we seek to rest and trust the Lord in difficult circumstances.

More Than Music and Amen: Knowing God Through Worship and Prayer

Speakers: Toiya Dunbar and Cherie Scholes

So much more than performance and spiritual discipline, worship and prayer are conduits to knowing God himself and living a life in response to his glory and grace. Join us as we go to God’s Word to see our need for his power and presence in our lives and discuss practically how to use these tools to access it!


Everyday Evangelism

Speaker: Elizabeth Hughes

God has given us relationships with family members, neighbors, coworkers, and friends who do not know him. In this session, you will learn how to ask questions and share your story to initiate spiritual conversations with the nonbelievers in your life.

Single and Seen: Trusting God and the Hope That He Brings

Speaker: Bonnie Shrum

Romantic comedies, TV shows, books, and songs all seem to center around relationships. Even the church places a high emphasis on marriage and family, so where does a single fit in? In this breakout, we will talk about how to stay centered in Christ and how the church can support and affirm singles, whether you are single and questioning God or walking with someone who is.

Go Therefore and Make Disciples

Panel Discussion with Lesley Hildreth, Michal Rudolph, Erin Hardy, Bree Carnes, and Madison Collier

In Matthew 28, we are told to “Go therefore and make disciples.” This was Jesus’ last command to everyone before he ascended into heaven. This command was not to just share the gospel but to make disciples. In this breakout, we will discuss what it looks like to be obedient to this command in each of our various stages of life.